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Thread: Japanese Rifle Markings web site

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    Default Japanese Rifle Markings web site

    Please post some more if there are any better reference sites.

    -Jeff L
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    can't because that's the best one I have found

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    Go look @ his homepage jeff, lists alot more. TY sir for the site

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    Quote Originally Posted by Deano41 View Post
    Thanks, I didn't have that one in my bookmarks/favorites. I'm glad to find the Type 38 Data Sheet.
    Thanks again.

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    Its great very nice...

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    Stumbled across this site by accident looking for M1 serial numbers. Re Arisaka M-38 type rifles. I acquired one when I was about 13 or 14 yo back in 1957 (7th grade). I was fortunate in that all markings were present, so I ascertain it was not in Country as a psot WWII rifle. Now to the point. I lived in Concord California at the time of acuisition. I found a book on Type 38 Arisaka's written by a physician collector. All I can remember is his last name of HOLIDAY. The book was smallish, about 7 or 8 inches high by about 5 to 6 inches wide and had a light pinkish dustcover with a plasticine over-cover.

    Of interest were a singular 0 marking on the safety knob. In Holiday's book, he alludes this was a special proof marking denoting a quality grade mark. Highest was a safety knob exhibiting 000; then 00 and like mine a single 0. these were supposed to reflect "High Grade" of the best steels available at the time.

    My particular rifle turned out to be a 6.5 x 257 Roberts Ackly Wildcat w/o the 40 * shoulder. It shot a house afire and I used it numerous times to shoot club shoots against benchresters of the day ( ie. 218 Bee, 219 Zipper etc.> In fact one bench rester Don McClanahan (sp?) really got me going toward reloading. Another close friend, was the catalyst for that and it's been reloading since 1957, with a few hiatus's inbetween, eg., Vietnam and college). It consistantly could shot 3/4 to 1 moa groups with iron sights, but that was 57 years ago.

    Hope this is of value for any of you.

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    First site on this sticky is no longer there, ( )

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    Your link doesn't work for me?
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    Link doesn't seem to work!
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