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Thread: WTS: SIG 550 ALL Original, Swiss Made, .223 LNIB – Rare

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    Default WTS: SIG 550 ALL Original, Swiss Made, .223 LNIB – Rare

    The SIG 550 is often referred to as the finest 5.56 mm rifle ever made. No other modern military firearm can match the amazing attention to detail and craftsmanship present on the SIG 550. The combination of quality, desirability and extremely low numbers of these rifles imported into the U.S., is why the SIG 550’s command such a high price.

    Built for extremes. The Swiss Assault Rifle made by Swiss Arms.
    Law enforcement, special units and armies are equipped with assault rifles of the SG 550 line. Elaborate technology and design lead to outstanding results, even in toughest test applications. Large-scale tests in the alpine regions of Switzerland proved that the high precision performance and the functional safety of these rifles is absolutely reliable, even if influenced by extreme cold, dust, sand and mud. This is how the SG 550 line managed to be awarded the demanding Swiss army grade “suitable for troops”. It offers ultimate security when used in conditions of time pressure and stress, and reliable top performance for precise tactical action by armies, authorities and special units.

    Operating mechanism
    Indirect gas operation with rotating bolt is rugged and functionally dependable. It has a gas-actuated, piston-driven operating system, which uses burnt powder gases vented through a port in the barrel to power the weapon's moving parts. Surplus gas and powder residues are evacuated through an exhaust port in the gas cylinder. This system ensures that only the precise volume of gas required to overcome the mass and resistance of the rifle's moving assembly is admitted from the barrel. No exaggerated cyclic rate (excess energy); hence, lower stress levels of the weapon and better control during fully automatic fire. The indirect gas operation prevents the bolt and receiver housing from fouling by propellant gases. It reduces the recoil to a minimum and guarantees the function even under the most extreme service conditions. Gas operation is not sensitive to various types of ammunition, varying gas pressures and different case materials. Maximum safety for the shooter as premature unlocking of the bolt through overpressure is not possible. The manually adjustable gas valve has two settings, one for normal operation, and the second setting for use in the presence of heavy fouling or icing. The gas system can be removed as a complete assembly that is easy to clean.

    The rifle is hammer fired and has a trigger mechanism with an ambidextrous safety and fire selector switch. The trigger is enclosed in a pivoting trigger guard, which can be folded down to the left or right side allowing for unhindered operation with winter gloves. The excellent, target grade trigger breaks crisp and clean with minimal over travel.

    The SG 550 has a side-folding skeletonized buttstock and a lightweight integral bipod that folds into grooves in the lower handguard. The stock, pistol grip, and handguards are made of a high-strength polymer. The steel receiver housing and several other components are manufactured using stamping and welding; external steel surfaces are finished with a ceramic-reinforced enamel coat known as Ilaflon. The gas system's components are made of stainless steel. The barrel, bolt, bolt carrier, and firing pin are all made with steel that has been gas nitrided, hardened and tempered. The bolt and carrier, along with most other components internal to the receiver undergo a phosphating process.

    The heavy barrel is cold hammer-forged in one operation to form chamber and bore, the long sight base and the carefully matched sighting elements provide superior inherent accuracy. The barrel is screwed into the receiver and is equipped with a slotted "bird cage" type flash suppressor that is also used to launch rifle grenades or attach a knife bayonet. The rifled barrel has 6 right-hand grooves with a 178 mm (1:7 in) twist rate, designed to stabilize 5.56x45mm NATO rounds with the heavier SS109 projectile.

    All rifles are test fired for accuracy and function prior to leaving the factory at the manufacturer's underground 300-meter test range. Checking random rifles out of production, firing a 24-round group with the Swiss ammunition Gw Pat.90 at a range of 300 m, the 50 % windage and elevation dispersion will be in the average only 7 x 7 cm. That’s 2.75” @ 328 yards! That’s impressive for a production semi-auto rifle 24-shot group.

    This SIG SG 550-2 SP that’s for sale, is an all original, completely Swiss made, matching numbers, like new, in serial numbered box with all original accessories. This is the 550-2 version, which means it has the more desirable 1:7 barrel twist (the same as the current military M-4). The 550-1 models have a 1:10 twist, which don’t stabilize the 62-grain and heavier bullets as well. The caliber is 5.56 x 45 mm (NATO) or .223.

    This SIG 550 is extremely rare in that it was imported post 1989 for “Law Enforcement Use Only” and is now completely transferable to civilians as a Title 1 firearm. No permit, license or tax stamp required. There were only a few hundred original SIG 550’s imported into the U.S. and probably only a handful (or less) that are LEO stamped and civilian transferable. Very few of these rifles were imported into the U.S. for LEO use, because they were hard to get and expensive, even for the Law Enforcement Agencies.

    According to the following ATF document:

    Between 1991 and 1997, there were only ten SIG SG550 variants imported into the United States. Of those ten SIGs, it doesn’t break it down to how many were 550’s, 551’s or 552’s and it doesn’t state if any of them are civilian transferable.

    I have the complete timeline of FFL transfers of this rifle from the import date by SIG, to the first civilian transfer (me). I also have a letter from the ATF Chief of Firearms Technology Branch, stating that this rifle is now civilian transferable.

    It has had a few rounds fired through it, either from the factory test firing, or possibly a magazine of test firing at a law enforcement facility. I have not fired this rifle. It was originally described to me as NIB. I think LNIB is a better description. The internals are incredibly clean with negligible wear.

    The brand new factory accessories included are:
    (2) 20 round mags. One Mag has a slight scuff on the follower indicating that it may have been loaded.
    (1) Stripper clip mag loader adapter.
    (1) Sling.
    (1) Cleaning kit.
    (1) Owner’s manual.
    (1) Original Styrofoam box with cover.

    Optional accessories (all factory SIG Swiss made and all brand new) available to the purchaser of this rifle are:
    (1) Picatinny rail for the upper receiver. The rail mounts just forward of the rear diopter sight and is the best way of mounting optics on these rifles. The rail does not interfere with or block the iron sights. No SIG 550 should be without this accessory.
    (3) Stripper clip mag loader adapters.
    (2) Slings with the carabineer type ends. (I would be willing to sell one of these for $50)
    30-round mags are available for sale to anyone. The price is $59.95 each, with quantity discounts available.

    If the buyer of the rifle does not want all of the accessories, they will be up for sale also.

    If you want more detailed pics of anything in particular and are serious about purchasing, let me know. No picture collectors please.

    The price is $9800.
    Payment by U.S. Postal Money Order or certified funds held until they clear. Shipping and insurance (recommended) will be whatever the actual cost is. Obviously shipping must go to a FFL and only to legal areas.
    I don’t mind doing a FTF transfer with a NV resident with proper ID.

    BOX, FULL - 14..JPGL REC W-R - 31..jpgR REC - 39..jpgINSIDE LOWER - 43..jpgINSIDE LOWER W-HAMM&.jpg
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    I am interested if still for sale
    Craig cdsilver1@aol.com

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    i also have one of these in perfect condition. I was wondering if u had any luck selling yours. Im trying to get rid of mine i just dont know where to do this. any help would be appreciated heck maybe we can split the money collected!

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