I bought a 900 rd case of Portuguese FNM 8mm Mauser ammo and have some of it to sell. This ammo is 1973 manufacture, non-corrosive, with berdan primers. Headstamp is FNM 73-4. The sealed metal can inside the wood case was opened by the original purchaser years ago before he put the case in his closet to store it. In the passing years some of the cartridges developed a stain on the brass or some mild corrosion. The original ammo cartons were very fragile and coming apart so I have repacked the cartridges I am keeping and cleaned these remaining cartridges that I am selling. These cartridges are totally safe to shoot and will present no problems, plus there is the added benefit that they are non-corrosive and the price is very low. This ammo has 198 gr ball bullets loaded to German military specs. I am selling this 135 rds of ammo for $49.95 plus actual UPS charges.