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Thread: M1917 Bayonet from Vietnam?

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    Are these legitimate? I have my eye on a M1917 Bayonet in a local shop that is suppose to have been built in the 60s for trench shotguns to be used in Vietnam. It is described on page 39 of the "American Military Bayonets of the 20th Century" by Gary M. Cunningham. The one I have found is exactly like the ones described and is in mint condition with a mint scabard which is also described on page 40. The article details two makers, one is General Cutlery of Fremont, Ohio and the other is a Canadian Arsenals Limited from Long Branch Canada. This one I have located is the Canadian one.
    What bothers me is the author talks like they are so rare, he has seen very few examples and when he is discussing the Canadian one he states "The Canadian Arsenals designation is GENERALLY accepted by collectors, ....." He goes on to say that they are "believed to have been produced in the mid-1960s primarily for use on combat shotguns in Vietnam, and, judging by their scarcity today, most were apparently left there."

    What would be a fair value for one of the Bayonets?
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    V-45: Yes, they're legitimate. FMV depends on condition, maybe $100-$200; check eBay.

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    I remember when I was in Korea we had some shotguns of various makes and we had an M1917 bayonette for each. I have no idea of the vintage but I do know that as late as 1969 M1917 bayonettes were still being used.

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    I purchased a Viet Nam era Gen Cut bayo with its original scabbard, including the release paperwork from the US. about a year ago...paid $275 in ex condition

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