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    As a way to illustrate how gun powder made for military ammunition (and also probably powders used for most of the modern commercial ammo) differs from powder sold for reloading, go the gunpowder link at GI Brass. WC 852 is considered an equivalent of H380, but the military version can differ dramatically from the commercially sold reloading powder. The fast version of WC 852 is suitable for ammo used in the M1 Garand. Hodgdon told me some years ago that commercially sold H380 can also be used in the Garand. However the slower burning version of WC 852 was used in machine gun ammo and is not recommended for the Garand. It requires too much volume of the slower powder to achieve the correct performance range of the ammo, and thus the Garand gas port pressure would likely exceed specs with the slow powder. (Of course if you get an adjustable gas plug for the Garand, then you can use a wider variety of powder combinations.)
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