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Thread: Looking for a Sporter Stock (wood) for my 1917 Enfield 30 06. HELP

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    Default Looking for a Sporter Stock (wood) for my 1917 Enfield 30 06. HELP

    Hello to all experts. I came into possession a year or two ago of a beautiful 1917 rifle that had turned into a sporter. It was in need of a lot of love. After loving it up it turned into a tack driver.

    My problem, the first wood stock split back at the bolt extractor. My brother replaced it with a synthetic stock. It split again in the same location.
    --Has anyone else had this issue, and do you have recommendations?
    (We are going under the assumption of worn tabs allowing the bolt arm to travel far enough back to strike the stock and set up a sympathetic crack. Dremeling the stock for a greater indent is our current concept.)
    My problem with this is that no play is felt on the bolt arm.

    --Second question is : Does anyone know if the ENFIELD NO4 MK1 MK2 MK5 303 MONTE CARLO RIFLE GUN STOCK will fit the US M-1917 30 06?

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    A stock for a No4 Enfield will not fit a M1917 Enfield rifle. Check ebay for a M1917 sporter stock. Are you missing the stock bushings for the trigger guard screws?

    You might ask this same question about cracked stocks on the M1917 forum here on CSP.

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    Go here. Down near the bottom. Not terribly expensive either. $130 for a semi-finished laminated stock.
    Boyd's has semi-inletted walnut stocks too. $79.
    "...Dremeling the stock..." Leave the rotary tool on the shelf and glass bed it.
    Spelling and grammar count!

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    Thank you to everyone for the replies. A special thank you to Sunray as your idea was a real winner.

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    Take care to be sure that your don't get a stock made for an altered trigger guard. These were fairly common 30-40 years ago and are a way to straighten the "stepped" trigger guard and give the rifle a smoother line underneath the stock. I don't know if Boyd's stocks are made for this kind of modification.

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