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Thread: Stevens Model 525 12 Gauge PumpShotgun

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    Default Stevens Model 525 12 Gauge PumpShotgun

    I was recently given a Stevens Model 525 by my uncle. The shotgun has been in the family since the early 1900's I think. On the side of the receiver it states: J. Stevens Arms & Tool Co. Chicopee Falls, MA Browning Pats Feb 7, 1905 Aug 27, 1907. Serial #35432. Can someone tell me when the gun was manufactured, and more importantly someone who knows a little bit about these guns, maybe a good gunsmith in the Phoenix area? Is there a Stevens Collector's organization out there? I had the gun restored and when I got it back the gun will not cycle or open. The gunsmith who did the work had three more of the same gun that had the same issue. There is a push button on the left side of the receiver, however no matter how hard I push the button, the gun will not open. I have tried to find schematics and information, however no luck anywhere to this point.

    Thanks for any help you can give me!-----Scott Lyons

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    Is that a varient of the Model 520? That has a side release button. You should be able to find the schematics for that easy enough (try Gun Parts Corp). I seem to recall that there can be trouble with the slide spring/plunger assembly gunking up in the 520 slide lock release system. I don't recall if the plunger won't push in because there's too much hardened gunk in the recess around the spring, or if it sticks in the "in" position; but anyway the fix was to disasemble the assy, clean/free things up and properly lube. Probably something that needs being done every 75 years or so.

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    Push the slide forward then try pulling it back. Your slide release may be a shell release .

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