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Thread: Cattaraugus 225q knife

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    I've got a Cattaraugus 225q knife. I want to use Picards on the leather handle and sheath to preserve it. Would it be a problem to clean first with saddlesoap? I also plan to use fine steel wool with oil on the blade to smooth out the patina. would this be a problem? Thanks.
    Fred Pillot
    San Jose Zouaves

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    I don't like to use water in any form on old dry leather. Rather than lathering up the grip I would give it a heavy coat of Pecards. Let this set for about 30 minutes and wipe it off good with old toweling. Let this set for several days before trying to apply any more. Subsequent coats on the sheath and grip should be applied very lightly. Let these coats work into the leather before applying new coats.

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