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Thread: U.S. Stevens M5100

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    Default U.S. Stevens M5100

    I thought all U.S. arms are serial numberd?
    What do the experts think?

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    Hard to tell. The markings are the right size and place for a military Stevens 311. Yes, all military guns would at least have a hand stamped serial number. The 5100 was apparently produced between 1931 and 1941, and there were some procurement 5100s. The problem here is that lacking a serial number it might or might not be for real. Stevens 5100 shotguns do not sell for a ton of money, maybe $300 in good condition. So it WOULD pay for someone (not necessarily the current seller) to have stamped it to triple the value. The price is very high for a 5100, even with US markings. It is just not popular with collectors, and is not a very high quality double.

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    They have to be serialed to be accounted for . No if , ands , or buts. No serial , not USGI .

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