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Thread: Wts bm-59 receiver

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    Default Wts bm-59 receiver

    WTS: Since real BM-59 receivers can no longer be imported, the next best thing is to take a USGI receiver & machine it out to fit a BM59 parts kit. (sold by vendors for $600) (This is the way they were first made by the Italian Gov't Armory, Breda, & later made new by Beretta)

    Cost of machining a USGI receiver $500
    Cost of receiver $200-250 (pitted); $350 no pitting

    I have a few USGI receivers machined out to take the BM59 parts kits for $600, + $15 shipping.

    I have complete conversions of M1 Garands to take a box mag for $1295, + $25 shipping. Everything is included, receiver & parts kit. FFLor C&R required.

    I can mount your barrel, headspace the bolt, & install your front mag catch freebies for your BM59 parts kits if you buy the receivers from me.

    Tony Giacobbe, the Garand Guy
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