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Thread: 7.7 jap ammo from norma

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    I have a partial box of Norma 7.7 Jap. 180 sp bt. The bullet heads are a nickel color. I was thinking they may be reloads because of this. Does anyone know for sure if this is the correct type of bullet that Norma loads in this caliber. Thanks

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    Those are not reloads. That is the standard color of the Norma bullets used in their ammo. I would be more then happy to take them off your hands for you. lol.

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    Norma is pretty good ammo... and the brass is reloadable too. Tuna's correct, those sound like standard Norma bullets. I have some Norma 7.7x58 loaded with 180 gr bullets, and some loaded with 174 gr bullets (174 gr is the standard bullet weight for Japanese Type 99 rounds)

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    Thanks for the reply fellas. That is all the Jap ammo I have. Ill probably just keep it to go along with my Jap rifle. I just wanted to make sure they are not reloads.

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