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Thread: Federal ammo question

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    Default Federal ammo question

    Does any one know what powder Federal uses in its Premium Vital-Shock ammo in 7mm-08 cal. with the 140 gr. Barns Tripple Shock slug? Is it a special blend used only by them? This ammo shoots real good in my Browning and I would love to duplicate it.

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    Ammunition manufacturers, due to the large volume of ammo they produce, do not use a cannister type powder like reloaders do, they use a blended Bulk powder mixed for a certain pressure-curve. Take a round from two different lot numbers of the same ammo and, even if the powder looks the same(A lot of times it doesn't) you'll notice one probably has a larger charge than the other. Also, do not try to guess what type of powder they use by how it looks, 100% of the time you'll be wrong because they, like I stated, use a Blended Bulk-powder that may look like a normal cannister type but, isn't.

    If you want to match a factory load, you need a Chronograph. Simply chrono about five rounds to get a good average velocity, then use the same bullet,case and and a Cannister-type powder to reach the velocity you want.
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