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    Hi. Found this scope recently and I am hoping to collect some more information. I know the M81 was withdrawn in favor of the M82. Can anyone tell me how many were produced and the time frame?
    keithM81 D..jpgM81..jpgPicture 008 (Larg&#10.jpg
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    Lyman produced 1500-1800 M81 marked scopes. The M81 scopes fall into two s/n blocks 31XXX and 33XXX

    Around 300-400 in the 31XXX block and 1200-1500 in the 33XXX-34XXX block.
    Lyman made M81 and M82 scopes at the same time in mid to late '44, the M82 scopes are in the 32XXX and 34XXX block. Lyman M82 production ran from 34XXX to 44XXX with a few M82's in the 31XXX block that appear to be late production. I believe Lyman used up un-used s/n's in the earlier blocks to deliver as many scopes as possible to the Govt. before the contract ended.
    The Stock No. 84373 is an M81 The Stock No. 84374 is an M82 The only real difference between the scopes is the M81 has a cross hair reticule and the M82 has a post reticule.
    A side note.
    In '51 Lyman sold the Govt around 3000+ Lyman Alaskans in the 3000-6000 s/n range all appear to be M81 scopes based on the reticule being a cross hair they did not have military marking or sun shades.
    The Quantities I have stated are extrapolations from years of s/n data collected by several reliable sources an are only approximate totals.
    Very hard to find scope in very good condition. Good find! They sell for 1800-3500 based on condition and demand.
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    Thanks, Johnny. Just what I needed. These details are pretty obscure.


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    Johnny, Would not a Lyman Alaskan without the sunshade and with a crosshair reticle actually be an M73 scope? Rick

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    Quote Originally Posted by danco101 View Post
    Who Pays these prices? I have a mint M81 on an M1 C that I would be more than happy to part with and just throw an M84 on it instead for that kind of money!
    email me direct if you have the money to buy a nice original scope from a nice original M1C
    Dan in Fla
    Well there goes my plan, yielding to the gentleman, aka danco101
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    danco101,... The receiver bracket for the M81 / 82 and M84 scope are different. The M84 with eyecup will interfere with the rear sight unless used with the higher receiver bracket (.749" vs .684"). See Billy Pyle's "Ordnance Tools, Accessories & Appendages of the M1 Rifle", page 83.

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    IMHO Billy got it wrong on the bracket thang at least as far as actual production.
    And I have seen the Alaskan B prefix in USGI package marked M81 but M73 would be correct also
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    Quote Originally Posted by rickgman View Post
    Johnny, Would not a Lyman Alaskan without the sunshade and with a crosshair reticle actually be an M73 scope? Rick
    Good point.

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