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Thread: Masculine Moments

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    Very funny. Check this out:

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    Why doesn't the Confederacy just fade away? Is it because we are irresistibly fascinated by the catastrophic loss? Or is it something else?
    It is because the Confederacy is to this day the greatest conservative resistance to federal authority in American history....Professor David Blight

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    Good ones. I once took a female body builder to Hawaii. We were sunning on Waikiki Beach, and when we returned to the hotel, the desk clerk called me over and slipped me a note he said some fine looking booty had left for me. I looked at the note: "Saw you on the beach. Liked what I saw. Come up to my room 376." I pocketed the note with a big smile on my face and we went up to our room where my girlfriend took a shower. While she was in the shower, I called room 376. A young lady answered and I told her I got her note from the clerk. She, in a haughty manner, told me she had left that note for a woman (my date). I hung up and took the note to my girlfriend in the shower. Life can be very depressing.


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