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Thread: Colt new service 1909 USMC .45LC

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    Default Colt new service 1909 USMC .45LC

    I found a Colt new service 1909 USMC S/N 336 at a local Gun shop and was wondering what one is worth? It is about 60 -70%, lanyard ring is cut off. Thanks David H.

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    Rare and wonderful .45lc! An Army in 70%, in the Southeast, would bring ~ 850. USMC is so seldom seen but I would guess 1,800-2,500. Might want to move this to the 1917 area
    My 2 Cents,
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    Nope,leave it here. Johnny Peppers & Scott both haunt this board...... it's the weekend, give 'em a lil time to log on......
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    Thanks Keith for the info, I found out they want close to the top of your scale at 2400. Thanks Dave

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