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Thread: FS- Mauser- 7.65 Pistol

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    Default FS- Mauser- 7.65 Pistol

    For Sale Mauser 7.65 Pistol with leather holster and clip.
    Shoots good!

    Here is what is written on pistol. Waffenfabrik Mauser A-G Oberndorf A.N. Mausers's Patent. 7,65
    I'm told German soldiers carried this one as Luger was too heavy. Includes leather holster that looks over 70 years old?
    I have pictures. Site won't let me upload. Just let me know and I'll send them to you.
    I see these going for around $400-$500
    So I'll take $375 shipped to your FFL upon receipt of your USPO money order.
    Just let me know if you want it and we'll work out the details.
    FFL in MD

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    Default your Mauser was a secondary issue side arm

    to the:

    1)Walther P-38

    2)Walther PP & PPK

    3) Luger, and a slew of others, Cz 27, Browning HiPower etc

    Germany needed to use every handgun that was produced whether in Germany or in an occupied country.

    Your Mauser is still a neat pistol,but list whether it is a Mauser model HSC,C-96, 1910 etc good luck

    be safe enjoy life, journey well

    da gimp

    OFC, Mo. Chapter

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    Default Here's the pictures-- you tell me the model? NEW PRICE

    I don't have a clue the model of the pistol, but I've lower the price to $295+ $25 for S&H to your FFL. This is one accurate pistol. I shot through a couple of clips finishing the ammo I had and got 2 bulls out of one clip. Very nice pistol for the money. If you have questions just ask.
    Attached Images

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    Default Heres the info on these---

    Sorry for the bump..

    Here's the info.

    1914 post war, Manufactured from 1923 to 1929, serial number range 277000 - 460000 (late 2
    line address). The 1914 post war is the most commonly found model.

    WOW this pistol is 100 years old! And shoots great!

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    Send me some close up pics

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    PM sent

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    hi happy if you still have the mauser I am interested and that it was made in 1923 I have a c&r license, it can be shipped to E-mail me at to talk about it, Thanks sea

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    Default Is this pistol still available?

    If it is i would like to know what is included and total price. A picture would be nice.

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