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Thread: Model 1918 sniper scope tool identification

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    Default Model 1918 sniper scope tool identification

    Just got back from France visiting the Somme battlefields and picked these up from Martin Pegler as part of a trade. The steel tool is clearly marked Telescopic Sight 1918 Model. There was another tool with it that was found in the same case. It is at first glance a lens cleaning brush but the brush is made of fine steel "hairs" that you would not want to put anywhere near a lens. I have noticed a small broad arrow stamp on it. I can only conclude that it would be use to clear grit or dirt off the legs or mounts on the P14(T). Both tools do fit in the lid of the Model 1918 canvas case that I have. What do our experts think? Are they correct? Does anyone else have one or both tools? By the way - I can thoroughly recommend Martin's B&B facilities in Combles and he is an excellent guide to the battlefields.
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    Brush looks like it was intended to clean out dovetail joints or something equally fine - unusual to find any military kit that compact. The other tool looks like a key to unscrew the lens housing.

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    The first tool is to turn the prism on the front of the scope for latteral adjustment and the second I have not seen - clearing mud out of the mounts is as good a suggestion as any.
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